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Friday, October 22, 2010

Islamic City

Islamic City .... 

    Simply, the Islamic city concept based on the Islamic theories and rules to formulate a city shape can deal with the daily activities of people in the city from the Islamic Perspective. 

Karbala / IRAQ 2010 one of the Islamic city
      The concept is based on having a Mosque in the middle "as the main landmark of the city" and around the mosque there will be the market "Soaq" then from this centre the roads will be separated randomly to link with the neighbourhoods. The main different point between the Islamic city and the modern city is the relationship between the Mass (buildings) and the space. In the modern cities the buildings are inside the space and each building or block of buildings are surrounded by spaces, in the Islamic city the Mass is the most of the city structure and the space is surrounded by the buildings. so the most of the land use in the Islamic city is occupied by buildings and there are only three types of spaces in the Islamic city with a belong sequences 

The Islamic City structure 

1- The public space which is mostly means the area around the mosque and the market "this can be use by all the people" 
2- The semi-public space which means the local roads and small nods which knows as the Islamic neighbourhood with gate in the beginning of this neighbourhood used by the people who live in this area so it is closely like the gated community. 

3- The semi-private space "the house yard" the houses in the Islamic city usually have a yard in the centre of the house for the family gathering and daily activities and also the house usually include more than one family such as the father family and his sons families so this yard use only by the house residents

In terms of architecture the Islamic city usually use the Islamic architecture which is based on using the arch, dome, Manara, decoration, and a type of random roads where most of the roads are not straight  

Cairo / Egypt

can see there is no space in front of the house 
However the house yard inside the house 

House Yard is used for Family gathering 

this is just a simple introduction , you can have some more information about the Islamic city form this web sites


City and Regional Planning said...

Thank you, this was very informative from a planning perspective. As a city planner trying to understand the guidelines and principals of Islamic city planning this was extremely helpful.

karim said...

Very orientalist point of view. It very much looks like the way europeans of the 20th century saw islamic cities and generalized them into one city model, which is completely wrong.

You will not understand the complexity and the logic behind islamic cities from this article, who is developping a very wrong way to look at the subject.

Do more research.